Sunday, August 7, 2011

So When the rocks are too heavy...

I can gently , simply drop them down at will.

Disidentifying from the rocks (thoughts about myself) for just a few minutes feels so good!
It is like Taking a vacation from myself and be peace (who we truly are).

Breathing, relaxing, feeling the release from disidentifying with the objects,
that release is priceless.
"Peace be still, my peace I give unto you my body", stillness could say.
A peace that passes human understanding.

I can Pick up the load again where I left it, if I would like to,
it hasn't gone anywhere.

The art is to keep sensing the peace, the release, I have felt while the rocks have been dropped, WHILE holding the rocks.
You become the space holding the rocks, you are not identified to the rocks.

The burden is easy, knowing I can drop the rocks at will.
The load does not possess me , I possess it.