Tuesday, July 5, 2011

In the streets of Calcutta, in India, an old man is dying .
Like in any other streets in the world,
people are too busy to even notice.
No one stops

No one has time or attention to give to anyone, not even our own selves.
Lost in thoughts about ourselves, and blinded by it,

the world is caught in a rat race...

Competing to get to the top,
struggling to stay there,
time on earth is spent on fighting, resisting, self preserving.

Men cling to their thoughts
of being better than the next, of wanting more.
They carry these thoughts like a bunch of heavy rocks on their heads.
All their lives is spent on identifying with this self that hasn't made it yet or has failed in
the eyes of the world.

Carrying this heavy problematic selves in our thoughts,
and not knowing how to drop it at will
creates a lot of suffering.

Too busy holding our differences ...

too busy holding, owning our superiorities,
our inferiorities,

our minds, hearts and hands are full ,
preventing us to experience peace, stillness.

Love and peace exist, independent of us holding these rocks.

"whether humanity will consciously follow the law of love
I do not know.
But that need not disturb me.
The law will work just as the law of gravitation works
whether we accept it or not."

(Mahatma Ghandi)

Nature Glorifies that eternal peace, not taking thought, not having a problematic self to carry around and protect , it radiates being.

Just drop the rocks ...

and be at peace...

Feeling the release from holding any thoughts about ourselves or others for just a few seconds
could be called peace, no judgment, love.

Some human beings
freed from selfish thoughts, are like empty vessels, filled with only love and peace.
Those beings are called peace makers.
They could be called peace BE-ers.

"If you judge people you have no time to love them."
Mother Teresa

If you judge yourself (carrying rocks) you have no time to experience love and give it.

That day in the street of Calcutta, Mother Teresa stopped and gave her care and attention, to the dying man.
Free of the burden of carrying rocks (past and future) you are in the eternal now.
You have eternity to give.
You have all the time in the world.
That simple unburdened unhurried attention IS love.

When we are free from holding rocks (thoughts, judgments, labels, concepts) the separation
between "me" and the others dissolves.
The mental concept of "me" and "them"dissolves.
When we think not,
we are one.
We let that one be.

Your life story is like a stainglass window, a parenthesis,
floating in eternal light...

You are the eternal light.

When you know that, while in the parenthesis,
you become a clear transparency for the eternal light
to shine through your temporary form.

You become a Be-er of light,
a clear light,
unstained by the color of identifying with a temporary stain glass window.
You let the clear imprisonned splendor escape.

Knowing that about yourself, and everyone and everything around you,
you love your neighbor as yourself,
you are love and you let love be everywhere.